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How to Get Comps at a Casino

How to Get Comps at a Casino


There’s something about the bright lights, slot noises (even though coins stopped dropping long ago) and champagne glasses clinking that draws people to casinos. It’s more than just gambling though, it’s about the experience of being a part of a big group of players all trying to have fun and win – and maybe even make some money. But a casino isn’t a charity, it’s a business and like any other company it has to keep its costs down and its profits high. So it’s not all luck when you go to your local casino – these businesses use clever methods to keep you in their building and playing all night.

People at a casino are a varied bunch, from the regulars strutting their stuff to those trying to get back what they lost. But most share one thing in common – they’re having a great time. The music blaring and coins clinking creates a buzz, and even when things don’t go their way there’s always the chance that next spin will change all that.

To help keep their patrons happy and spending, casinos offer comps. These are free goods or services a player can receive based on their amount of play or the size of their bets. These can include food, drinks, hotel rooms and even airline tickets and limo service. While the comps can help keep a player’s bankroll in the black, they shouldn’t be used as an excuse to bet more than you’re comfortable with.