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Casino Audio, Lighting and Visual (AVL) Design

Casino Audio, Lighting and Visual (AVL) Design


When people step foot into casinos, it’s usually because they’re ready to try their luck at gambling. They’re ready to lose money, but they also expect to win some. But how can a casino keep its patrons feeling like winning is within their reach? There are many factors at play, but one of the most powerful is the casino’s audio, lighting and visual (AVL) design.

From booze to bright lights to the sound of coins clinking, casinos create an incredible buzz that attracts people from all walks of life. Whether they’re regulars strutting with confidence or those taking weekend bus trips to the nearest casino, all these people have one thing in common: they want to gamble. In order to do so, they need to feel upbeat and happy.

That’s why casinos are a place where the music is always playing and the drinks are flowing. Booze lowers inhibitions and clouds judgment, so it’s important to make sure that everyone is a little tipsy before they get started. And of course, the booze is all free.

While a few alcoholics may have a hard time sitting still at the table, the majority of people are having a great time. They’re laughing and chatting with their friends, enjoying the opulence of the building, or even just looking at all the different machines that are lined up against the walls.